Our Vision, Mission, Faith, Motivation & Values

Our Vision

We are a community based, non-profit, charitable organisation with God at the centre and our vision is to see people resourced and empowered to handle life's struggles and fulfil their God given potential.

Our Mission

To be actively connected to our local community, to share with people God's healing love and empowerment in tangible ways.

Our Faith & Motivation

As a Christian organisation, The Kogarah Storehouse seeks to see the lives of all people transformed with hope through the Spirit of the Gospel. Our motivation is to be the hands of Jesus, reaching out in His name, to people in need.

Our Values

Our core values are to respect all people without discrimination, with special concern for those most disadvanted. We are committed to treat everyone with compassion, offering hope and understanding.


We are accountable, through our Committee of Management and Brighton-Kogarah Church Council, to UnitingCare NSW Community Services, highly valuing and maximising the resources that are made available to us.