A core service which The Storehouse provides to people in our community is the food program.
Proudly supported by:
Sisters of Charity Foundation, Oz Harvest,
Coles 2nd Bite, Woolworths, Nandos Chickens, EWH Food Services and Food Bank



Food Parcels
The Kogarah Storehouse Food Program
The Kogarah Storehouse Food Parcels

The Food Parcels

The Kogarah Storehouse provides free parcels of food for families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. Without this help these people and their families would most likely go hungry.

The food parcels contain staple groceries plus fresh food.

The Storehouse is a distribution agent for Oz Harvest, Woolworths, Coles 2nd Bite, EWH Food Services, Nando’s, Food Bank, who donate the food or provide it at low cost. Generous donors provide the funds needed to provide this valuable service.

Food parcels are available every Wednesday from 1pm – 3pm.  A Centrelink card / ID card is required to be eligible, and there is a limit of one parcel per household. Exceptional circumstances, however, are accommodated. 

Registration is required to receive a food parcel. Please TEXT your details to 0476 868 283 and we will text you back with the confirmation date and time. To avoid the crowd, please come only at your allocated time.

The Kogarah Storehouse Food Program proudly supported by:


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